Joss Whedon’s ‘Much Ado About Mind Control’

Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Mind Control-Promo

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Much Ado About Nothing - PosterMuch Ado About Nothing (2013) is Joss Whedon’s (Project Monarch’s poster boy) first new film post-The Avengers. The film is Whedon’s take on the classic Shakespeare play and he shot the film in his very own home with an all-star Whedonverse cast from his various television series and films.

The film will be much loved by the ‘Cult of Whedon’ but it was clear from the footage in the first trailer that this film will be yet another Monarch Masterpiece by Whedon. Evidently chosen by him due to the mind control themes (identity) and symbols (masks) inherit in the play and exploiting them as a means of occult communication and mockery to other dark occultists.

The 1:42 minute trailer is completely jam packed with Monarch symbolism (the most witnessed by this author), and Whedon employs all the usual tricks to encode symbolism into the film. Nearly every scene contains some form of mind control symbology and it is quite sickening to see that Whedon would conceive of a film where he utilizes his “friends” (Whedonverse actors) in his film, yet mock them subliminally in every scene, by communicating the fact that each of his “friends” are actually Monarch Slaves. Who does that kind of thing?, a sociopath.

Much Ado About Nothing (2013) - Project Monarch - Mirror & Reflection

A Mirror & Reflection is classic mind control symbolism for multiple Alters

One must ask themselves if Joss Whedon’s twisted fixation with Monarch Programming/Mind Control is present in all his work; is this because he himself might actually be a Monarch slave and under mind control? With the darkest occult revelation of Hollywood being that every single actor and actress are actually Monarch slaves, would it then not be unrealistic to believe that every single writer, producer and director be under the very same mind control?

Sadly, the destruction of the Human race through Project Monarch appears to be spiraling out of control and escalating on such an exponential level; horrifically, Hollywood is absolutely one of the primary deployment areas. Since this sadistic project continues to go on unacknowledged by politicians, governments and the military, the only thing we the public can really can do is to show NON-SUPPORT. Stop going to cinemas to watch these films, stop buying and renting DVD/BLURAY’S and this will eventually deliver a message; the only way these psychopaths can really conceive, economically.

I refuse to support the psychological destruction of my fellow brothers and sisters, have the courage to do so too.

Hollywood Subliminals

Dollhouse Decoded: The End of Humanity

Dollhouse (2009) - Decoded - Project Monarch

Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse (2009) exposes and deconstructs the methods, areas of deployment and thought process of those who execute the trauma behind the scenes of Project Monarch. The veiled “sci-fi” (sci-fact) narrative of this series when viewed with the right eyes reveals much about this classified project and Joss Whedon’s own moral compass. Each episode highlights the various areas of society where this horrific program is in effect and the roles each Active/Doll portrays, the situations and supporting characters all reveal the ubiquitous deployment of this project.

R.E.M. had it right, back in 1987 with their classic song…

It’s the End of the World as We Know It

(but do you feel fine about it?)

Dollhouse (2009)