The 13th Doctor’s TARDIS Interior

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BBC Promotional Photo of the 13th Doctor’s TARDIS Interior.


Subliminal Illuminati symbol
encoded into the promotional photo

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by MaestroDraven (Amazon Canada Customer Review)

Published: January 16, 2019

There’s really very little to say about series 11 of Doctor Who that hasn’t already been said by the overwhelming majority of fans, but I’ll do my best to break down what’s really going on here, in case any of you haven’t kept your sonic screwdrivers to the ground.

Chris Chibnall’s Doctor Who: Series 11 & 12
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Doctor Who is dead.

Yes, I said it, because it’s true. As the BBC increasingly moves to the extreme radical Left in an effort to brainwash the U.K. population, they are turning every single program into a vehicle for their specific political and social views. The latest to fall victim to this unfortunate trend is our beloved Doctor, who has spent over 55 years entertaining us on wild and crazy voyages, only to now be reduced to a virtual check-list of Left wing propaganda talking points. In case you’re not keen on politics these days, the premise is simple. There’s a culture war going on between traditional, rational views that we’ve held onto for literally decades, and a small (but very loud) minority of extremist radicals who are out to tell you what an awful person you are (especially if you don’t agree with them), and why/how you should mend your ways. This is called the SJW (social justice warrior) culture. In an effort to turn the world into the miserable fascist state that they desire so earnestly for it to be, they are quite willing to destroy everything you and I hold dear, all in the name of “wokeness,” a skewed and distorted version of reality that makes otherwise normal people say and do outlandish, insane things.

Doctor Who has been riding a steady trend towards SJW propaganda for a while now, culminating to near-fruition with Peter Capaldi’s run as the Time Lord. Series 11 takes it to a whole new stratosphere, eschewing otherwise sidelined social commentary in favor of blatant, direct and in-your-face Leftist arguing points designed to choke all the enjoyment and fun out of a campy, crazy sci-fi show, in favor of “I’m better than you” finger-wagging. When news broke that the new Doctor would be female, many on the conservative side of the thinking pool knew what was inevitably going to happen, and none of it was good. Is it because of the gender change? No. In fact, ratings for the 1st episode of the series ran nearly 11 million viewers, which proved irrefutably that everyone was willing to give a female Doctor a go. After all, why not? This being changes forms all the time. Under normal circumstances (and more than 10 years ago) this shake-up could have proven highly imaginative and very entertaining by changing the status quo for the fun of it. Alas, everyone knew that the BBC and new showrunner Chris Chibnall had other plans.

Chibnall’s hypocrisy on this issue has now become legendary within the space of a few months. At first, he denied any extreme Leftist social commentary in the episodes, only to retract his original stance and admit it openly (and angrily) when fan backlash began to cause a severe ratings drop from nearly 11 million viewers down to almost 5 million, all within the space of several episodes. Chibnall made things much worse for himself by declaring (again, angrily) that the show would feature no classic monsters, a fact which he reiterated several times in frustration. It’s interesting to note that the series’ last episode was a Dalek story, and the reason is obvious: everyone is panicking.

A big part of the failure of series 11 has to do with Jodie Whittaker’s performance as the Doctor. Her gender has no bearing on her ability to play the role. She’s simply not making the role her own. Whittaker steals (wholesale) entire elements from David Tennant and Matt Smith’s respective Doctors without injecting anything of herself into the role. Throughout the series run, Whittaker is handed awful script, after awful script, and forced to feign surprise or fire off another goofy, gnarled facial expression. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before. A female Doctor could have given a fresh new perspective on a legendary character, but what’s on screen is schizophrenic identity theft. Whittaker might have been forgiven for being handed awful scripts and dialogue, if it weren’t for the fact that she went off and criticized fans of the series for their rejection of the character. If the fans aren’t happy, it’s best not to agitate them by calling them names and playing the old Leftist card of labeling people who don’t agree with your politics. Indeed, one of Whittaker’s most awful, racist and misandrist comments came when she proclaimed that for over 50 years, the Doctor has been viewing the universe through the “white male gaze.” Not only is this absolutely preposterous, but it’s arrogant, vulgar and pretentious.

Character nitpicking aside, let’s examine the themes running through Series 11 of Doctor Who.


The female Doctor’s first outing could have been hailed as a fantastic opportunity to showcase a post-regeneration Doctor through a whole new perspective. Unfortunately, SJW politics overrides that function by introducing hand-picked minority companions (now called “friends” according to executive producer Matt Strevens……if you can believe it!) who are all part of an identity politics check-list, with no discernible reason. As is customary with extreme Leftist ideology however, all the men, regardless of their race must be bumbling, inept cowards, while all the women must be hyper-aggressive superheroes who leap into the fray like Marines on a battlefield.


A boring, contrived, go-nowhere story is made worse by anti-gun politics in perhaps one of the most ridiculous and self-defeating arguments ever written in favor of gun control. If the show’s producers want to bash guns, it might help not to give one to a male character who you’ve written from the onset to be a buffoon with no combat training.

11×03 – ROSA

Perhaps the series’ most ill-conceived episode involves examining the story of Rosa Parks and the period of intense racism the United States was plagued with at the time. What could have been an educational take on a good sci-fi plot was totally ruined by the fact that the writers saw fit to demonize every single white person in the episode as a horrible, irredeemable racist, while simultaneously taking a jab at the current state of U.S. social issues and politics. Perhaps the showrunners failed to realize that insulting a large chunk of your overseas viewing audience isn’t the best way to win fans.


It could have been an extremely cool/creepy episode about giant spiders, but Chibnall wouldn’t allow it. As such, it’s the second in two back-to-back episodes to directly hurl a flaming volley at U.S. politics (more specifically Donald Trump), and further alienating 50% of the potential U.S. viewer base in the process. They say hindsight is 20/20. I’m not sure these guys realize it, yet.


The rampant misandry and emasculation of males continues in the series’ fifth episode, with typically Leftist attacks on perceived “male patriarchy” and the obvious revenge tactic: crafting a pregnant male character. It also bears the highly ironic distinction of championing capitalism and the drive to create better products….without even realizing it.


As per the Left’s prejudice and discrimination against whites (more specifically white males) and Christians, this episode once again demonizes all whites by focusing on the partition of India, while simultaneously allying itself (once again) with the religion of Islam. Regardless of your religious affiliation, this should be an extreme red flag to anyone allowing themselves to be whispered to by a radical Left who are pretending to champion “equality.”

11×07 – KERBLAM!

Pete McTighe took primary writing duties on this one in an attempt to lighten the tone of the series. Nevertheless, it quickly spirals into a mess of anti-capitalist messaging with a main villain that is (yes, you guessed it), a white male. The episode very clearly attacks Amazon and what it perceives as unfair treatment of workers and job loss to more automation, which historically has been proven woefully incorrect. The irony is lost on the writers, as Amazon offers a platform which allows literally anyone to sell products on its site and take advantage of massive exposure, which has saved potentially thousands of brick and mortar businesses from going under as the internet shift takes hold. Only a Left-leaning socialist could possibly see it otherwise.


Feminist Joy Wilkinson has the writing duties on this one, and it shows. The episode barely takes a single breath before reminding the audience (over and over) that women were oppressed in the old days. The message isn’t meant as a critique on the time period. It’s a direct, on-purpose attempt at connecting dots between those days, and the world we live in today. Never mind that women have never been more free and given the same opportunities as men than they have right now. According to Wilkinson and overlord Chris Chibnall, women haven’t budged an inch since the days when they were being falsely accused as witches and drowned/tortured.


Third wave Feminism rears its ugly head again in potentially the series’ most outrageously offensive episode, going into full attack mode on a traumatized single father (yes, he’s white) caught in an alternate dimension and believing himself to be in contact with his deceased wife. Jodie Whittaker’s performance in this episode is nothing short of menacing, and not in a good way. A noted feminist herself, Whittaker has made many misandrist statements in the press throughout the series run, and it’s clear that she had no trouble channeling that sentiment for this episode. In an age when the Left praises and champions single motherhood as a wonderful, courageous and admirable thing (which it isn’t, regardless of whether you’re a single mother OR a father), it’s absolutely hypocritical to go on the attack and tear down a character for nothing more than revenge against yet another white male.


The series goes out with a whimper in this last episode, which plagiarizes elements from previous Doctor Who episodes, while re-introducing the villain from the first episode. It’s an underwhelming finale without any sense of excitement or adventure, and the end result feels as if Chibnall and team simply ran out of energy and willpower after being so heavy-handed and miserable throughout the previous nine episodes. At least we’re spared any SJW propaganda on this one. It’s the closest the series gets to a traditional Who story, but that isn’t saying much.

Leftists in denial will undoubtedly loathe my take on the series, but that’s nothing new. In their world, you’re a racist, or a bigot, or any combination of meaningless, over-used and desaturated ad hominem attacks, just because you disagree with their politics. Doctor Who has never shied away from making commentary on certain issues in the past. Indeed, the Daleks were a direct and obvious reference to National Socialism and the rise of the Third Reich. The difference is that everyone could get behind this narrative, because it was a universal truth about the insidious dangers of radicalism. Fast forward 55+ years, and we have extreme radicals using suppressive, fascist methods to try and force everyone to agree with their personal take on the world’s major talking points. History seems to be repeating itself, and the BBC don’t seem to care. Every single hallmark of radical Leftism is on display during this season, and it’s shoved down the audience’s throats so harshly, so brutally and disrespectfully, that it’s a wonder why it has any ratings at all. Fan backlash is met with Ad Hominem attacks by the writers, and the cast, and nobody on the production side seems willing to realize that their strategy is failing, and costing the world one of the most iconic sci-fi franchises around.

There are less-than-subtle rumors floating around that Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker will last one more season before making an exit, and they’ll no doubt do so with their middle fingers lifted in the direction of the fans. From the onset, Chibnall and Whittaker have been a tag team who aren’t afraid to proclaim (loudly) that they’re dead-set on doing away with everything Doctor Who stood for, in favor of a “fresh new take.” This, combined with Chibnall’s reluctant admittance that he is indeed pushing a social justice agenda, and it’s impossible for his supporters to use their typical tactics against those of us who are sick and tired of being preached to. The Left’s identity politics have infested every single part of our culture, and we sit down at home to escape it by watching good, old-fashioned adventure shows like Doctor Who. Evidently, that’s not enough for the Left, who are moving even more to the extreme Left with each passing day. This is an unsustainable recipe, and it shows clearly in the marked plummeting of the ratings for series 11. Naysayers were quick to point out that season 11’s ratings are actually up over previous episodes, which is true, but they’ve been in decline since the latter half of Matt Smith’s tenure as the Doctor, anyways. That’s not saying much. Those who tuned in this season were evidently willing to give a female Doctor a shot, so the anti-female argument holds literally no water, here. This is a case of blunt, insulting and offensive racism, misandry and disingenuous political arguments woven into a show where they have no place being. I’d be just as upset if right-wing conservative politics were injected into the show, as well. Keep it fun, say something meaningful from time to time, but do it in a way that we can later have rational, meaningful dialogue about the topic. This is coincidentally why Seth MacFarlane’s Orville series is getting such rave fan reviews right now, while Star Trek: Discovery (another franchise ruined by Leftist identity politics) has been thoroughly repulsed and given the cold shoulder by its fan base.

Get woke, go broke. It never fails.



Symbolism never lies, programmed hate from yet another Monarch puppet.




Fire everyone associated with this debacle: actors, writers, producers and the entire production staff.


1. Bring back Peter Capaldi and let him finish off his run as originally intended.

2. The Doctor is English, white and MALE. Start from scratch with a white male actor who can actually act, and IS THE DOCTOR (not a horrendously miscast, bad cos-play imposter),


3. Cancel the show entirely. No Doctor Who is better than this disaster. It truly ended in 2017 with Capaldi’s Doctor.

Of course, the BBC will not do this, because as everyone is realising… they are:

Trust me, you do not want to be “WOKE”.




Feminist Misandry Infests Doctor Who (2016) [YouTube]

The Vandalization of Doctor Who (2018) [YouTube]


If you have studied the material on this site and are aware of the subliminal symbolism encoded everywhere (including Doctor Who), the answer to WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THE CONTROLLED DEMOLITION OF DOCTOR WHO is easy to see. Look at the symbolism in this post alone, connect the dots and all is revealed.

Sadly as the enemy continues to fallback and retreat, it has decided to ‘poison the well’, ‘salt the earth’ and destroy beloved franchise after franchise as a means of inflicting as much petty damage as they can. Look at what they are producing, listen to what they are saying, they just don’t care anymore… writers, actors, producers, studios, whole networks and major multi-national corporations are all under the same dark occult control.



As their ship continues to sink they want to drag as many down with them as possible.

My advice to all readers, switch off the TV/streaming service, throw away the Smart Phone and leave social media. You are under their constant surveillance (anything “Smart” = Surveillance), combined with their diseased soft mind control (News & Media), they want you to FEAR, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR… (now more than ever).

Drop the fear, it’s time to awaken.


Danger - Poison - Turn Off TV

It’s been called the greatest mind control device known to humanity, and amazingly it’s the one addiction that when truly broken can most change your life forever. Yes, that’s how bad this problem of mind control has become. You can cut the degree of mind control deception with a knife, it’s so thick. Freeing oneself from such a deep level of deception is a mental freedom you can only truly understand if you have experienced it yourself.

Consider the prospects of going from a full state of being mesmerized in a controlled environment to one of freedom. Mental freedom and spiritual freedom that is. Perhaps these are the two most important freedoms. Physical freedom, on the other hand, is usually the first to go and the one we’d like to think we will fight for and defend. It (the physical freedom) is the one they always threaten to take away. This physical freedom is the image of freedom we all dream about, for what good is freedom of speech if it’s at a prison or concentration camp?

No question the values and virtues of physical freedom speak for themselves, but what about mental freedom? How do we measure this? Is it really all subjective?

This much I know: television is a prison for your mind. When you are watching TV, especially every day, your ability to connect to your real life is fogged; the line between reality and fiction become blurred. The young generation knows about this real well; they live in the matrix every day, subjected to the impulses that come with being young. As they should enjoy their youth, I cast no stones at youth who won’t consider the problems of the world. A part of me empathizes with a youth who would rather not know how bad the world really is.

Empathy only goes so far, however. Ultimately ‘I understand’ gives way to ‘no I’m serious’ and ‘hey I really need you to understand this’. Realizing what is really happening should induce an ‘oh my god’ out of you, at the very least. If only you could connect with the reality of the suffering that humanity has endured throughout history. That’s right, if you could actually experience reality through the eyes of those who have had close family and friends murdered by war and propaganda, this would significantly impact your view about life. So why are so many, especially in America, so disconnected from the reality of what I speak? Television.


Television and TV programming is singlehandedly the most powerful force of energy pointed directly at your physical brain. It changes how you see the world and how you react to situations you encounter. Yes, even the physical electronic signals that come out of your TV have been shown to affect your brain. Studies have even connected television watching at early ages with bad grades, attention and concentration issues, bad behavior and communication problems among other things.

How, then, can anything so bad for you be so legal? Only after being mentally cleansed from the TV addiction can you truly appreciate this question. Television is quietly the most important tool for the success of the globalist new world order plans. It’s the direct channel of communication they have set up to push their messages across to the masses in order to see their agenda through.

This television ‘power cable’ which sends signals directly to your mind, is real and works similar to the cable lines that run all across America. We see the lines all over the country. Cable, Wi-Fi, telephone and fiber-optic lines. It’s a network of communication lines that coat the country. These lines deliver television and other signals directly into everyone’s homes and now we are observing the multidimensional effect of this whole phenomenon. How can so many electronic radio wave signals not affect the mind in a deleterious manner? And how about the degree of mind control it has on those hard-wired to it?



You know you want to… freedom beckons

This is why disconnecting your television and throwing it away is one of the most powerful ways that you can change your life forever. Yes forever and manually, no power needed. Right now every single person in America has the power to manually turn off the TV and find out or rediscover who you really are. Turn off the electronic signal that has you fully mentally controlled. The TV has found a parking space in your mind. If the majority of Americans could find the courage to turn off that mental parking space and start their life anew, the global government minions and their politician mouthpieces would lose their audience instantaneously. Imagine! With no audience, how can one complete a plan? Sounds crazy? Wait till enough people have had enough. Though it may or may not ever happen it is factually true that if everyone right now turned off their TV we would have a world-wide revolution never before seen. Imagine humanity focused on fixing what is wrong. What if we could finally unseat the criminal politicians who are running the show? Actually it’s been said that all that is needed to induce true change is for 1% of the people to wake up. If this is true, then think of how close this ‘TV turning off’ effect is to coming true.

Spread the word. Turn off your TV and do without it. It’s easy and it’s fun. It really is. After a few months you’ll look back and you won’t believe you watched TV in the past. It’s an addiction you usually never go back to, and when you are around someone who watches TV you may feel uncomfortable with the signal alone. You’ll understand the phenomenon a lot more once you cross that line.

Here’s to being focused, being positive and believing this TV-turning-off phenomenon will happen and will bestow a blessing on humanity that we cannot understand. Now that you know, turn it off and pass the word.



It’s homework time…

Awakening: The Time is Now

Fukushima Radiation Ends LOST Sequel

Red Alert

Fukushima Radiation Ends LOST Sequel

The end of Hawaii marks the end for the LOST sequel series.


Red Alert

EcologyNews reports (02/02/2014):

Independent scientist and radiation expert Leuren Moret, MA, PhD ABT has stated that Fukushima Radiation has made Hawaii and the Pacific islands unsafe for human habitation and swimming in the adjacent Pacific Ocean.

Ms. Moret stated, “Anyone with a desire to stay healthy should never go to Hawaii or any Pacific islands in our lifetime.  One of the main Pacific Ocean currents is carrying the radiation from Fukushima directly east across the Pacific Ocean – and Hawaii is one of the places it goes carrying all that death and sickness.  Also, the Cesium-137 levels have been increasing over time on the tsunami debris field spread from China to the west coast of N. America.

Please watch the entire interview for more critical information:


Red Alert

We must get the word out. If you live in Hawaii, seriously consider evacuating ASAP.


Alternative Media

Mind Control: Truth or Propaganda?

‘Falling Skies’ Season 3 Promo: “Alien Propaganda”

Falling Skies - TitleThis short promo for season 3 of TNT’s ‘Falling Skies’, beautifully symbolizes and demonstrates the concept of Hard Mind Control. One might wonder if the subtext in this video is actually delivering real truth regarding the origins and implementation of the Mind Control programs found on this planet today?

Dollhouse Decoded: The End of Humanity

Dollhouse (2009) - Decoded - Project Monarch

Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse (2009) exposes and deconstructs the methods, areas of deployment and thought process of those who execute the trauma behind the scenes of Project Monarch. The veiled “sci-fi” (sci-fact) narrative of this series when viewed with the right eyes reveals much about this classified project and Joss Whedon’s own moral compass. Each episode highlights the various areas of society where this horrific program is in effect and the roles each Active/Doll portrays, the situations and supporting characters all reveal the ubiquitous deployment of this project.

R.E.M. had it right, back in 1987 with their classic song…

It’s the End of the World as We Know It

(but do you feel fine about it?)

Dollhouse (2009)


HORUS: The Gods of Hollywood

HORUS: The Gods of Hollywood

Horus, Among the most ubiquitous of Egyptian Gods, Horus embodies kingship, victory, righteousness, and civilization. Horus is depicted either as a hawk-headed man or as a hawk, probably a peregrine falcon, except when he is depicted as a child (Harpocrates) in which case he is depicted anthropomorphically. From the earliest period, the king of Egypt was identified to some degree with Horus, and each pharaoh bore a ‘Horus name’ to which was later added a ‘Golden Horus name’. The Eye of Horus, known as the ‘Sound Eye’ or wedjat, from the word w-dj- (cf. Wadjet), meaning healthy, flourishing, or prosperous, or, as a verb, to proceed or attain, ranks as one of the most important and recognizable symbols in Egyptian religion.

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RA: The Gods of Hollywood

RA: The Gods of Hollywood

Ra, is the God of the sun par excellence in the Egyptian pantheon. To say that Re is God of the sun is not to say that he is identical with the sun as a physical being, a distinction Egyptians registered by their use of the term aten to refer to the sun’s visible disk. Rather, Re is the divine potency in the sun and hence the focal point of the whole cosmos. Re’s nature and functions have more to do with the central position of the symbol of the sun in the totality of Egyptian thought than with the sun in a narrowly physical sense.

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OSIRIS: The Gods of Hollywood

OSIRISOSIRIS: Gods of Hollywood

Osiris is the God of mortality and of the mortal being as mortal, hence in the ultimate stages of the development of Egyptian theology, any deceased individual is identified with Osiris, as is reflected by the use of ‘Osiris N.’ to refer to the deceased in the collections of afterlife literature known as the Coffin Texts and the Book of the Dead, where the conventional ‘N.’ of the translators represents the insertion of the name of the person on whose behalf the copy of the text was produced.

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SET: The Gods of Hollywood

SETSET: The Gods of Hollywood

Set, Son of Geb and Nut, Set is a God of physical vigor and voracious sexual appetite in open conflict with social order and emotional bonds. While there are important contexts in which Seth’s activity is positive, most notably in his defense of the boat of Re against the attacks of Apophis, the great symbol of entropy, he is most well known as the murderer of his brother Osiris and for unsuccessfully vying for worldly sovereignty against Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris and the embodiment of legitimacy and civilization.

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APEP: The Gods of Hollywood

APEPAPEP: The Gods of Hollywood

Apep,  A serpent God embodying the primeval forces of disorder inimical to life. Apophis is the eternal opponent of Re and attacks the solar boat, not only during its nocturnal journey, but even during its journey by day. He is conceived as massive in size (his name is sometimes interpreted as meaning huge or indeterminate in size) and possessing a deafening roar and paralyzing gaze.

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Hollywood Apocalypse: ‘The Invisible Symbol’

The ‘Invisible Symbol’ is an ancient symbol that has been embedded subliminally at a compositional level into every single piece of promotional artwork produced for the film and television industries. In its modern context the symbol has been traced back 110 years, to the very origins of the global film-making industry. Ultimately this symbol represents one thing, dominance.

The findings presented on this site clearly signify that every major filmmaker (director/writer/producer) and studio are controlled by and members of this ubiquitous solar cult; whose ancient mythology is at the very core of each of their works. Ever wondered why every film fundamentally tells the same story? (Light vs Dark/Good vs Evil = Ra vs Apep/Horus vs Set)

It’s time for a new story, a new mythology…

LOST Solved: The Complete Mythological Deconstruction

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