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Crystallize (2012)

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling - 2012 - CrystallizeCrystallize” is a song by American dubstep-violinist Lindsey Stirling from her self-titled studio album, Lindsey Stirling. The song was released as a music video on 23 February 2012. The video proved to be a success, with more than 42 million views at the end of the year, and arrived eighth as the most watched video of 2012. Finally, the song finished being Lindsey Stirling album’s lead single due to its success. The song appeared on three Billboard charts and, according to SoundScan, by April 2013 it had reached 234,000 digital sales. On February 4 of 2014, almost two years after the release of the video, “Crystallize” won Stirling’s first RIAA certification by the selling of 500,000 copies in the United States. At the end of 2013, on the year end chart, “Crystallize” finished first in the chart of Classical Digital Songs.


Official Youtube Channel

2012: Debut Studio Album

Lindsey Stirling - 2012 - Lindsey Stirling-tbShortly after her performance on America’s Got Talent, cinematographer Devin Graham (DevinSuperTramp) contacted her in hopes of making a YouTube video together. They agreed to shoot a music video for her song, “Spontaneous Me”. It was filmed the week of May 9, 2011. The video boosted Stirling’s popularity, and she began making music videos for her YouTube channel regularly. Graham has filmed almost all of her videos, while Stirling often does backup camera work and assists with his music videos. Stirling’s YouTube channel, Lindseystomp, which she created in 2007 and which is named after her first band Stomp on Melvin, is the main repository for her music videos. During 2011, the channel rapidly gained popularity and has over 519 million total views and over four million subscribers, as of January 2014. Her music is featured on Pandora, Spotify, and Last.FM. Stirling also created a second YouTube channel, LindseyTime, in September 2012, in which she posts videos related to her life, vlogs, behind-the-scenes content, etc.

Stirling has experimented in combining violin playing with hip hop and dubstep. Stirling’s collaborations with other musicians and singers have included Shaun Barrowes (“Don’t Carry It All” – The Decemberists), Jake Bruene and Frank Sacramone (“Party Rock Anthem” – LMFAO), Tay Zonday (“Mama Economy”), Peter Hollens (“Skyrim”, “A Thousand Years”, “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars”), Alisha Popat (“We Found Love”), John Allred (“Tomb”), Amiee Proal (“A Thousand Years”), Megan Nicole (“Starships”), The Piano Guys (“Mission Impossible”), Debi Johanson (“River Flows in You”, “Phantom of the Opera”), Sam Tsui (“Heads Up”), Tyler Ward (“Thrift Shop”), Kurt Hugo Schneider (“Pokemón Dubstep Remix” and “A Thousand Years”), John Legend (“All of Me”) and Pentatonix (“Radioactive”). She has also collaborated with the Salt Lake Pops orchestra and Alex Boye. Stirling’s debut album was released on September 18, 2012 in conjunction with a North American tour that same month.

Stirling completed her first US tour on November 26, 2012. She announced her second tour as well as a “test tour” for Europe on December 3, 2012, which kicked off in January 2013. The tour covered 55 cities throughout Europe, Canada and the US and ended in Arizona on April 5, 2013. On February 25, 2013, Stirling announced her official European tour, which kicked off in Russia on May 22, 2013 and ended in Norrkoping, Sweden, June 29, with a total of 26 cities covered.

In December 2012, YouTube announced that Stirling’s song, “Crystallize”, was the No. 8 top-viewed video of 2012 with over 42 million views.



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Crystallize (2012)

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Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize (2012) - Single Cover - Eye of Horus - Subliminal


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