Katy Hudson (2001)

Katy Hudson (2001)

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Katy Perry - 2001 - Katy Hudson-tbKaty Hudson is the self-titled debut studio album by American recording artist Katy Hudson, who subsequently adopted the stage name Katy Perry. It was released on February 8, 2001 by Red Hill Records. Hudson incorporated primarily Christian rock and contemporary Christian music elements in the songs’ compositions, with lyrical themes of adolescence and childhood which revolve around her faith in God.

The album spawned two radio singles and Hudson embarked on two tours through the United States. Upon its release, Katy Hudson received positive reviews from music critics, who praised her songwriting and deemed her a talent due to her voice, though others critiqued the album’s music for being overproduced. Commercially, the album was a failure, selling fewer than 200 copies. After Red Hill Records went bankrupt, Hudson changed her musical style to mainstream pop and, due to her increased popularity, copies of this album have become very rare and sought-after.


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First Published: Jun 11, 2014