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Eye of Horus (Ra or Providence)Controlled Opposition is the term used to describe “leaders” who arrive on the scene (almost out of nowhere) and offer us amazing nuggets of truth. These “facts” either wow us (or confirm something we subconsciously knew, but wanted confirmation). As a result, these pied pipers get us to follow them like heroes – like a cult. Ultimately, these sheep in wolves clothing spin us off into la la land (for example telling us a one-world government is in our best interest). It’s IMPOSSIBLE to have a well-known leader be real. That person would be compromised very quickly. It’s for this reason I highly recommend you not following anyone. In other words, be your own leader.

Vladimir Lenin said it best, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

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Charlie Veitch - The Love Police - The Pied Piper

As Charlie Veitch exposed himself as controlled opposition by backflipping on 9/11, I do so with regards to his organization and exposing it for what it is, a part of the dark illuminated control grid:

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The Love Police


The Game on Earth

The chessboard called Earth

Simply put, this planet is a farm, we are the product and the food source, the imprisoned cattle and the mentally and emotionally conditioned sheepdogs. *Some* of our creator ‘gods’ felt pity for us and so against the will of the rest of their own kind, created secret societies to keep Truth, given tools of spiritual power, our basic knowledge of the True reality which resides just outside of our mind’s confines, within the grasp of our leaders. These positive secret societies were eventually infiltrated by the Dark ones and became ‘Brotherhoods Of The Snake’, and were subsequently transformed into controlling/oppressive societies. With this transition of power, insoteric and esoteric knowledge were separated into two halves, the fixed finite, and the formless infinite, – the secret rulers allowed only the finite structured knowledge be given to the public and the elite controllers where allowed access to both halves of understanding. Both the Light/Luminara and Dark/Illuminati fight for control, each time one wins, it arises and claims itself to be the Luminara, though the public can never be sure which is which, though it could easily be argued by anyone watching the whole picture that the Luminara are still around & they are still in a stalemate with the darkside, the Illuminati’s factions, it’s proclaimed and indeed evident that the Luminara are alive today as Tibet, India and China’s Buddhist factions as they are clearly in a state of Love and Peace, further evidence of which is that Tibet and China are being seriously oppressed by the white-skinned, cold-blooded Western world.

Spirit Science LogoBut be sure that the ‘gods’ are helping us, we need only continue growing in awareness and removing our unconscious conditioned submittance to our minds, we must continue purifying the different layers of energetic body, down to the spirit. When documentaries and educational videos such as Spirit Science are downloaded and placed onto DVDs to pass around freely and other such PROACTIVE efforts, – expansive cognition and new thought-branches start becoming more easily accessible to the layman, the more we grow and help ourselves, the more we increase the ease in which others too may grow and prosper – Truly helping ourselves is the best way to help others, and it is one of the most intimate forms of Self love, if we keep growing on a planetary scale; Knowing and Oneness is inevitable.

And yet, Knowledge without practice is nothing.

No more discussion.

Namaste, brothers and sister

– An anonymous comment from the insider, Krillin

The Illuminati & The Luminara - The Dark Crystal (1982)

Content Removed

The intent was to provide truth based on real evidence, however much damage can be done from this
and the future of humanity is too important to risk with this form of truth.

The awakening of the human race must continue, and if it was not for some of these individuals
I would not have awoken.

The planet is just not ready for this information, my apologies.

“Discernment is the key to all truth.”


To those individuals previously featured here, out of respect I have removed all content and I present to you a challenge:

Come forth, embrace or at the very least acknowledge this revelation and rally behind truth.

That is of course, if you ARE genuine and authentic; which I do believe some of you are. We WILL continue to support and rally behind you, if you show us the respect to walk the talk. Otherwise you are hypocrites and no better than those tightening the shackles around our necks.

Seeds of actual truth have been planted which should prompt “followers” to at least question you and your material. I see who you are and what you are doing but we did not come here for half truths, if we the awakened are to help awaken others, it needs to be done with unfiltered/unpolluted truth.

This content suggests that the 2012 shift was not a hoax, the “apocalypse” is happening. The content has been removed, but still exists in manifestation.

Now is the time Gatekeepers…