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Star Trek:
Strange New Worlds (2022)

The Official Story

(Season 1, 2022)


The first season of the American television series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds follows Captain Christopher Pike and the crew of the USS Enterprise in the 23rd century as they explore new worlds and carry out missions throughout the galaxy during the decade before Star Trek: The Original Series. The season was produced by CBS Studios in association with Secret Hideout, Weed Road Pictures, H M R X Productions, and Roddenberry Entertainment, with Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers serving as showrunners.

Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, and Rebecca Romijn respectively star as Pike, Spock, and Number One, along with Jess Bush, Christina Chong, Celia Rose Gooding, Melissa Navia, Babs Olusanmokun, and Bruce Horak. Development on a spin-off series from Star Trek: Discovery began by January 2020, with Mount, Romijn, and Peck reprising their roles, and it was officially ordered in May. The showrunners chose to return to the episodic storytelling of The Original Series rather than Discovery‘s more serialized approach. The writers and directors focused on giving each episode a different genre and tone. Filming took place at CBS Stages Canada in Mississauga, Ontario, from February to July 2021, with additional filming in New Mexico. Many of the regular actors and several guest stars portray younger versions of characters from The Original Series in the season.

The season premiered on the streaming service Paramount+ on May 5, 2022, and ran for 10 episodes until July 7. It was estimated to have high viewership and audience demand, becoming the most watched Paramount+ original Star Trek series. It also received positive reviews from critics for its episodic storytelling and cast. The season was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award and several other awards, and was named on multiple best of 2022 lists. A second season was announced in January 2022.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) – Season 1 Trailer


One of Goldsman’s first ideas was to feature the Gorn, a lizard-like alien species introduced in the Original Series episode “Arena”, as a recurring adversary for the season. Kurtzman was excited to use modern visual effects and puppetry to make the species feel “vivid and scary” compared to the “guy in a rubber suit” from “Arena”. The writers discussed ways to incorporate the Gorn without contradicting the fact that the characters in “Arena”, which is set around seven years after the events of this season, have not seen the species before. Perez explained that their goal for the series was to not “undo people’s experience with The Original Series, but if we can manage it, perhaps to give us an interesting perspective to consider that lines up with the original stories”. Specifically discussing the line “I face the creature the Metrons called a Gorn” spoken by William Shatner’s James T. Kirk in “Arena”, Perez explained that “maybe Kirk has never seen them, he could even be one of those people who still doubts the stories, or maybe even he has seen them and they don’t look the same”. Some of the ways that the series attempts to maintain continuity include featuring the Gorn in the backstory of La’an Noonien-Singh, a character who does not appear in The Original Series; not actually showing them in “Memento Mori” when Gorn starships are seen; and only showing baby Gorn in “All Those Who Wander”. Perez researched submarine films in an effort to replicate the feeling of the Original Series episode “Balance of Terror” for “Memento Mori”, while “All Those Who Wander” is a horror-themed episode inspired by the films Alien (1979), The Thing (1982), Gremlins (1984), and Predator (1987). Perez said Alien was an especial influence on the episode because it was “hard not to draw the comparison when writing a ‘horror story in space'”, and this is primarily seen in the way that baby Gorn grow inside host bodies and burst out of them like the Xenomorphs from that franchise.


1×04 – “Memento Mori”

Directed by: Dan Liu

Written by: Davy Perez & Beau DeMayo

Original Airdate: May 26, 2022

The Enterprise attempts to deliver a nuclear-powered air filter to a Federation colony but finds many of the colonists dead. Security chief La’an Noonien-Singh helps evacuate the survivors and recognizes the situation as a Gorn trap; she is the only survivor of a Gorn attack in her childhood. A Gorn ship attacks and does significant damage to Enterprise. M’Benga and nurse Christine Chapel resort to 21st-century medicine to treat the wounded when their equipment goes offline. The crew lure the Gorn ship into the atmosphere of a brown dwarf near a black hole, where both ships’ sensors and shields are useless. Spock figures out a way to track the Gorn ship and they destroy it, but three more Gorn ships arrive. One is crushed by the pressure of the brown dwarf’s atmosphere. Spock mind melds with Noonien-Singh to learn about the Gorn’s communication system, and they use this to trick one ship to fire on the other. Enterprise then warps around the black hole, temporarily disappearing, and ejects the destabilizing air filter which explodes and convinces the remaining Gorn ship that Enterprise is destroyed.


1×09 – “All Those Who Wander”

Directed by: Christopher J. Byrne

Written by: Davy Perez

Original Airdate: June 30, 2022

The Enterprise is en route to Deep Space K-7 when it receives another priority assignment to investigate the missing USS Peregrine. While Enterprise continues to K-7, Pike leads an away team to an ice planet where they find the grounded Peregrine. Hemmer and Uhura restore the ship’s systems while Pike learns that it was carrying three refugees. One was infected with Gorn eggs which hatched, and the hatchlings burst from his body and attacked the crew. Pike’s team finds the other two refugees to be the only survivors. One of them, Buckley, is also infected with Gorn eggs, and the hatchlings burst out. They attack the team, but they also fight each other until only the strongest hatchling is left. The team form a successful plan to kill the hatchling using cold temperatures from the ship’s environment controls, but not before Hemmer is infected. He encourages Uhura to remain in Starfleet before throwing himself from the ship so he will die in the cold along with the Gorn inside him. After the crew mourn Hemmer, Noonien-Singh takes a leave of absence to help the last refugee find her family.

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