By Salvatore Lucania – August 24, 2021


The vaccine can cause anaphylaxis, anaphylactic shock, blood clots, stroke, aneurysm, brain haemorrhage, pericarditis, myocarditis heart inflammation, antibody-dependent enhancement, mRNA vaccine spike protein. The distribution throughout the body and the accumulation in multiple organs and the brain of the spike proteins created by the mRNA inoculations. The inoculation goes to the deltoid [arm] muscle to then be expelled by the local lymphatic system. The lymphatic system then spreads the residual (spike protein) to the lungs, liver, heart and brain. It is very highly toxic and is expected to cause widespread causality and death. Do an autopsy you’ll find Spike Proteins from mRNA Vaccines in every organ of the vaccinated who have died.

Antibody Dependent Enhancement now emerging in the vaccinated. The jab decimates one’s immune system through a mechanism called Pathogenic Priming, also called ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) and is causing the jabbed to drop like flies when they are exposed to any corona virus such as the common cold or flu. The immune system sees you as a pathogen just like any other pathogen floating around that doesn’t belong in the body. The human immune system will attack to kill the mutated cells of its own body as it will regard them as ”biologically foreign bacteria”. Death by immune response. The experimental mRNA vaccines will weaken the immune response to the virus, through Antibody Dependent Enhancement, leading to death. The deaths will be the result of mutations in human RNA and DNA genetic codes as well as m-RNA and m-DNA substances contained in the vaccines. Death by cytokine storm & anti-spike protein antibody. Poisons that can cause blood clots resulting in mass population deaths from blood clotting and in the destruction of blood cells of those taking the vaccine, due to their immune system attacking the mutated cells in their body DNA as a result of the genetically engineered m-RNA viruses of the genocidal vaccines. The Vaccines can cause Neurological Disorders, Autoimmune Diseases, Organ Failure, and Death. The experimental Covid vaccines are already linked to hundreds of thousands of injuries and thousands of deaths around the world. The Long-Term effects will be devastating. The mRNA Vaccines will cause irreversible DNA damage, including local and systemic inflammatory responses that will spur autoimmune conditions, cancer, organ damage and failure and fatal neurological disorders. The mRNA vaccines trick a person’s body into attacking critical functions like cell repair, fertility and neurological function.

The side effects of the mRNA vaccine might take months or even years to become apparent, and by then it may already be too late for much of the population.





COVID-19 Vaccine Truth
by Dr. Sean Brooks




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