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Doom (2005)

Doom is a 2005 action science-fiction horror film written by David Callaham and Wesley Strick and directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. It is loosely based on the video game series of the same name created by id Software. The film follows a group of Rapid Response Tactical Squad Marines called on an emergency to Mars on a rescue and retrieval mission after communications with the Olduvai Research Facility on Mars ceased hours earlier. The Marines soon battle genetically engineered monsters plaguing the facility.

After movie rights deals with Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures expired, id Software signed a deal with Warner Bros. with the stipulation that the movie will be greenlit within 12 months. Warner Bros. lost the rights, which were subsequently given back to Universal Pictures who started production in 2004. In an interview with executive producer John Wells, he stated that a second film would be put into production if the first was a success at the box office. Ticket sales for the opening weekend totaled more than US$15.3 million, but promptly dropped to $4.2 million in its second weekend.


Doom - PosterOn Mars in the year 2046, in the Union Aerospace Corporation’s Olduvai Research Facility, scientists are attacked by an unseen monster. Dr. Todd Carmack transmits a warning to quarantine the facility.

On Earth, a team of eight marines receive orders from squad leader Asher “Sarge” Mahonin to investigate the Olduvai situation. As the men suit up, Sarge pulls aside John “Reaper” Grimm and asks him not to go because Olduvai is where Reaper’s parents died and his sister is still on the station. Reaper suits up anyway, and the team is deployed via a teleportation device called the Ark. The team meets two UAC personnel, Marcus “Pinky” Pinzerowski, who is in a wheelchair due to an Ark accident, and Dr. Samantha Grimm, Reaper’s sister. She informs the marines that Dr. Carmack’s division of the facility focused on genetic research has been quarantined, with Carmack and five other scientists sealed inside. Sarge orders his team to eliminate the threat, secure the facility and escort Dr. Grimm while she recovers Carmack’s research.

Reaper learns from his sister that they discovered humanoid remains, which they called Imps, on Mars that have an extra chromosome pair, granting them superhuman abilities. The team locates Carmack, who has become infected, and they take him to the infirmary. The Marines encounter two of the five remaining scientists transformed into zombies. After pursuing a large creature through the facility, the team discovers the bloodied lab coat of a Dr. Steve Willits. Whilst the team is split up, an Imp ambushes Eric “Goat” Fantom and wounds him. The Imp is killed by Reaper and brought to Dr. Grimm with Goat, who dies in the lab. Sarge orders the 85 workers in the facility to evacuate back to Earth with the exceptions of Dr. Grimm and Pinky, the latter left to guard the Ark. After the evacuations are complete, Gregory “Duke” Schofield remains with Dr. Grimm whilst she examines the remains of the Imp, and the two notice that Dr. Carmack has vanished from the infirmary. Moments later they are attacked by an Imp which Dr. Grimm traps in the infirmary.

Dr. Grimm conducts an autopsy of the other deceased Imp, discovering it was once human. Goat returns to life as a zombie and walks toward them. Retaining some of his humanity, Goat repeatedly smashes his head into the observation room window and dies. The rest of the team explores the archeological dig site. The team finds the bodies of two of Carmack’s scientists, leaving only Dr. Willits unaccounted for. While Sarge and Reaper examine the bodies, Katsuhiko “Mac” Takahashi is killed by the Hell Knight, the large humanoid monster seen previously. Sarge takes the BFG 9000 from the facility’s weapons research lab to use against the creature. Meanwhile, Dean Portman and Roark “Destroyer” Gannon are also killed by the Hell Knight. Dr. Grimm determines that the creatures are humans altered by the addition of the 24th Martian chromosome. She also reveals that the Imp trapped earlier is Dr. Carmack and theorizes that the Imp killed in the sewers is Dr. Willits. Losing patience, Sarge executes the transformed Carmack and demands to see the research Dr. Grimm was recovering.

Video footage shows Carmack and his team injecting Chromosome 24 into a condemned prisoner that mutated into the Hell Knight, which escaped and infected the scientists. Pinky reports that the Hell Knight is cutting through the door to the Ark. Sarge orders Pinky to destroy the Ark, but Pinky instead retreats back to Earth and the Hell Knight follows him. Sarge orders the team to return to Earth to eliminate the Hell Knight. Reaper returns to the lab to bring Dr. Grimm, who reveals that the creatures are selectively choosing which humans to infect. Reaper and Dr. Grimm theorize that the creatures pick up on genetic markers to make their decision, trying to infect people with bad tendencies while ignoring those with more of a good personality. Dr. Grimm explains that the 24th chromosome would turn good people into superhumans like the remains found on Mars, while those who are bad become monsters. The marines travel to the UAC facility on Earth and find the researchers from Olduvai and the base staff slaughtered by the Hell Knight.

The facility is on lockdown and the team has one hour before the creatures escape. Sarge leads them on a search and destroy operation through the facility, killing UAC employees transformed into zombies. Sarge shows no distinction between targets, also killing survivors who appear alive and unharmed. Duke discovers Pinky hiding and brings him to the Ark chamber where Reaper and Dr. Grimm are trying to convince Sarge that not everyone is capable of being infected. Sarge ignores them and prepares to execute Pinky before Mark “The Kid” Dantalian rushes into the room, stating that he found a large group of uninfected humans. When The Kid refuses to kill them, Sarge executes him for insubordination. Reaper, Sarge and Pinky enter a stand-off which is cut short when the Hell Knight attacks and grabs Pinky, followed by a horde of zombies attacking. Duke is pulled through a vent in the floor while the zombies capture Sarge. Reaper is injured by a ricochet from his rifle. To save Reaper, Dr. Grimm injects him with Chromosome 24. Reaper fears he will become a monster, but his sister assures him he is good.

Reaper awakens as a superhuman, fully healed. Within a few minutes, Reaper moves through the facility and slays an array of zombies and Imps, eventually having a confrontation with the Hell Knight after severely burning it. Reaper kills the Hell Knight and then Pinky, who also transformed into a monster. Reaper reaches the facility’s exit, finding Dr. Grimm injured but alive. Sarge appears and Reaper notices an injury on Sarge’s neck, signifying he is infected. When asked what happened to the non-infected survivors, Sarge admits that he killed them. Reaper tells Dr. Grimm to crawl to the elevator to the surface while he faces off with Sarge. The two exchange their last ammunition and then battle hand to hand. As Sarge has Reaper pinned against a wall, he begins transforming. Reaper activates the Ark and throws Sarge through, followed by a grenade. Sarge lands in the Mars facility along with the grenade, which destroys him and the Ark. Reaper retrieves Dr. Grimm, and carries her to the surface.

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